Blackstone® Spinner System

The patented spinner system changes the way skates have been sharpened for hundreds of years.  The spinner system uses a small 1” disc precision machined with an ROH or an FBV shape.  These custom discs are diamond coated to dress the grinding stone with the specific shape.

  • Easy to use
    • Each disc has only one shape, simply grab the disc with the desired ROH or FBV and install it onto the spinner system (no tools required)
  • Ability to provide ROH and FBV shapes
    • The spinner system provides the advantage of being able to sharpen ROH and FBV
  • Accurate
    • The spinner discs are precision machined with exact measurements.  The ROH shapes are true and the FBV shapes are unique to any other shape (see FBV to learn more)
  • Consistent
    • Be confident that the same shape is being provided to the customer time after time
  • Economical
    • The Spinner System sharpens the entire face of the grinding wheel at once (unlike the single point diamond which can only contact one point on the wheel at a time), resulting in a longer life for the grinding wheel
    • The spinner system extends the life of the grinding wheel which equals more sharpening per wheel
    • More skates sharpened and less consumables required equals savings and more money in your pocket
The Spinner System is available in two versions.
  • SINGLE SPINNER:  The single spinner system holds one interchangeable spinner at a time.  It can hold any ROH or FBV spinner.
  • REVOLVER SPINNER:  The revolver spinner system has the capability of holding 4 different interchangeable spinners at a time.  They can be all ROH, all FBV, or a combination.
** Changing spinners in either version is easy and there are no tools required.  Simply unscrew the drag cap and replace, ready to dress the stone with the desired shape immediately.**


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