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Tip Of The Month - Felt Pad Maintenance
Posted February 05, 2015
Tip of the month felt pad maintenance


All Blackstone® skate holders (ex. Tri-Lie, Scissor, Shaper, etc.) come with a felt pad on the bottom surface.  This helps the holder slide smoothly across the tabletop. If your holder is requiring a lot of adjustments, check for uneven wear on the pad.  Often the front of the felt pad wears first creating an unparallel holder. If this is the case, it’s time to change your felt pad.



Easily remove your felt pad by soaking the holder in a shallow pan with ¼” mineral spirits or paint thinner. Soak for a minimum of an hour, the longer you leave it the better. Remove the holder from the pan and peel off the felt pad. Remove the remaining residue using a flexible scraper (an old credit card/gift card will work). Dry the holder and apply your new felt pad.



  • A dirty pad is a good pad, a worn pad needs to be replaced right away
  • Order a replacement felt pad by phone at 1-800-405-3433 or online at www.blackstonesport.com
  • Residue and glue left on the bottom of the holder will change the height – make sure you remove it all when removing the pad
  • Adjust your holder after replacing your felt


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