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Posted February 05, 2015
Shuttuck St Marys

Q - Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Shattuck St Marys is a private school since 1858-We have had a Hockey program since 1927 -we have 7 Hockey teams here 5 boys and 2 girls-That's 210 pairs of skates that get done on the average of 2 to 3 times a week during the season. Last year with the assistance of our Blackstone we came home with 3 USA National Championships

Q - What type of products and services do you provide?

Sharpening-Rivets-Boot Press-Oven-Misc Repairs

Q - What was your hottest product last month, what is the fad right now?


Q - What do you specialize in?

We specialize in getting your skates sharp and flat every time.

Q - Blackstone’s focus is hockey, which is a winter sport.  What do you do in the summer?

Hockey is our focus 12 months - There is no summer.

Q - How do you start your ordinary day? How does it end? 

Dressing my wheel - Dressing my wheel.

Q - What is your favorite advice you share with customers?

I can fix your skates but I can't fix your hands!

Q - If you could expand to open another business, that was not retail, what would it be?

Not sure this keeps me pretty busy!

Q - A hockey player’s kit is not complete if they do not have _____________

You must have and know how to use a Stone (hand hone)

Q - What is your dream NHL line up?

esposito skate sharpening
Q - Have you sharpened skates of anyone famous?

Zach Parise
Sidney Crosby
Jonathan Toews
Pete Ratchuk
Ryan Malone
Drew Stafford
Jordan Parise
Pat Eaves
Ben Eaves
Mike Eaves
JP Parise
Andy Murray
Brady Murray
Jordie Murray
Sarah Murray
Brianna Decker
Amanda Kessel
Nathan MacKinnon
Kyle Okposo
Derek Stepan
Jack Johnson
Jamie McBain
Ty Conklin
Jocelyne / Monique Lamoureux
Betzy Kukowski
Brian Salcido
Matt Ford
Mario / Marty Mjelleli
Casey Boer
Chris Porter
Ryan Duncan
Taylor Chorney
Michael Gergen
Chay Genoway
Angelo Esposito
Scott Gruber
Trevor Putrah
Jimmy Aluria
Matt Smaby
Tyler Ruegsegger
Erik Halua
Joe Corvo
Ben Blood
Noah Clarke
Emerson Etem
Jesse Bull
Max Bull
Kelly Halcisak
Amy Thomas
Ashley Payton
Meridith Roth!!! I better stop there. All went to school here!
The list goes on and on!

Q - What are your upcoming specials or exciting news?

No specials just the same quality sharpening every day. You can find me on Facebook @ Roosters Coop FBV



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