Posted March 21, 2019


Wheel Package:
2 Black Walnut
2 Blue
2 Ruby
REG: $168, SALE: $150


Wheel Package from First Round
+ Diamonds or Spinner

+ Service Package
2 Large Single Point Diamonds OR
1 ROH Spinner*doesn't count toward Game 7 Thriller Promo
1 Fine Shine
1 Tef Top Puck
2 Tear Drop Hand Hones
1 Blackstone Towel
REG: $298.50, SALE: $238.
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University of Ottawa Flat Bottom V® Study
Posted March 26, 2018
University of Ottawa Flat Bottom V® Study
Read more about what the University of Ottawa's study on Blackstone's patented Flat Bottom V® sharpening found:

"Blackstone's innovative skate sharpening method enhances ice skating and could be a benefit to all who play and enjoy the sport of hockey or any ohter activity involving blade to ice surface interaction."

"...all ten subjects increased their ability to control glide.Read More
Figure Skating Pro Shop Testimonial
Posted October 20, 2017
Figure Skating Pro Shop Testimonial

"As an engineer, I can appreciate the design of the Blackstone Figure Tri Lie skate holder. The lower clamp is adjustable to accomodate different blade widths. It will sharpen today's 4 mm wide standard figure skate blades, 8 mm wide aluminum frame blades, and whatever may come our way in the future. This is absolutely the best figure skate holder in the industry."

Teri Ann Brown
Figure Skating Pro Shop
Redwood City, CA

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NEW Cyclone 2.0 Exhaust System
Posted July 07, 2017
NEW Cyclone 2.0 Exhaust System
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Columbus Blue Jackets
Posted April 11, 2017
Columbus Blue Jackets

"I'm a busy guy with a million things on my to-do list. My Blackstone machine and their supportive staff make my life easier."

-Tim Leroy
Columbus Blue Jackets
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