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X02® image
X02® image

Product Description

The X02® Personal "Team Portable"
Convenience at your fingertips - get a proven performance advantage with your own revolutionary Blackstone FBV® portable skate sharpener.Great for FBV® and ROH.  A great skate sharpener for home use or on the road. Get great long-term savings for individuals, families and teams. Easy to use

Comes complete with:
  • XS-WH-OR  4" Wheel
  • XS-WW  Wheel Wrench
  • Choose your own Mini Spinner (FBV® $15 additional fee)
  • Case
  • X-12 Tri-Lie Holder

Technical Specifications
  • Motor: 120 V, 60 Hz, 2.8 A (3450 RPM)
  • Single Speed: 6900 RPM
  • Arbor Size: ½” – 20 UNF – Left Hand Thread
  • Grinding Wheel: 4” Diameter, 7/32” Thick, 7000 RPM Minimum Rating
  • Weight: 45 LBS
  • Choose from Flat Bottom V® (FBV®) and Radius of Hollow (ROH)

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