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FC Machines
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Product Description

Blackstone® FC Professional Portables are perfect for teams who need to take their sharpener on the road. Choose from a Revolving Spinner (REV), Single Spinner (SPIN) or Single Point Diamond (SPT) Dressing System. This machine can be built with (FC-01) or without (FC-02) a case and pricing starts at $2,100.

• Precision ground aluminum table, fluoro-infused for easy glide
• One finishing head operating at 3450 rpm grinding speed
• Direct drive
• Compatible with all Blackstone® Professional Series holders
• Port available for external exhaust
• Wooden Travel case with extendable handle and  wheels (optional)
• Available in 110V, 15amp (North America) and 220V (Europe)

Price List
FC-02-SPT             $2,100
FC-02-SPIN            $3,300
FC-02-REV             $3,600
FC-01-SPT             $2,500
FC-01-SPIN            $3,700
FC-01-REV             $4,100

Weight : 55 / 75 lbs
Dimensions: 21"L x 18.5"W x 15.5"H

Note : This item does not qualify for free shipping. Your order will not process through the website. Please call 519-322-1330 or email sales@blackstonesport.com to order.

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