Item/Model: X-02
The X02® Personal "Team Portable"
Convenience at your fingertips - get a proven performance advantage with your own revolutionary Blackstone FBV® portable skate sharpener.Great for FBV® and ROH.  A great skate sharpener for home use or on the road. Get great long-term savings for individuals, families and teams. Easy to use

Comes complete with:
  • XS-WH-OR  4" Wheel
  • XS-WW  Wheel Wrench
  • Choose your own Mini Spinner (FBV® $15 additional fee)
  • Case
  • X-12 Tri-Lie Holder

Technical Specifications
  • Motor: 120 V, 60 Hz, 2.8 A (3450 RPM)
  • Single Speed: 6900 RPM
  • Arbor Size: ½” – 20 UNF – Left Hand Thread
  • Grinding Wheel: 4” Diameter, 7/32” Thick, 7000 RPM Minimum Rating
  • Weight: 45 LBS
  • Choose from Flat Bottom V® (FBV®) and Radius of Hollow (ROH)
Price per unit:
$1,595.99 US
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Choose Your Mini Spinner:
Your machine includes a spinner of your choice.  Please choose the shape you would like.  (ROH are included at no cost, FBV are an additional $15).
Choose Your Tri-Lie Holder:
Your machine requires a regular holder (X-12) or a youth holder (X-12-U).  The youth holder is recommended for sharpening a skate blade less than 6 1/2" long or goalie skates.  A figure skate holder is an available upgrade.  

All holders have been discounted with your purchase of an X-02.
Would you like to add a protective case?
This case is designed specifically for the X-02, it fits your machine, holder and saftey gear securely.  It has a handle for easy portability and is great for off season storage. 
Accessory Kit
The Accessory Kit is an excellent addition to the purchase of your machine.  This starter kit provides you all of the tools you will need to provide a great sharpening.  It includes:
• (1) 4" grinding wheel
• (1) Fine Shine with 2 extra daubers
• (1) ButterflyGage
• (2) Hand hones (220 grit)
Add An Additional Grinding Stone:
Your machine arrives with a grinding wheel ready to sharpen.  These are replacement supplies.  
ORANGE is designed for any type of skate, it is a free cutting 80 grit wheel.
RUBY is designed for stainless steel blades, it is a multi-grit wheel.
PINK is designed for figure and goalie skates (softer steel), it is 100 grit.
Would you like to add sharpening accessories?
These products will help with your final product.
Fine Shine is an oil that is used to prevent the blade from burning during your special final polish pass.
TefTop Puck is used to increase the holder's glide on the table top, assisting with the smooth pass.
Hand Hones are used to remove the bur on the side of the blade after sharpening. (additional hand hones available in accessories)

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