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Blackstone® In The News


Looking for an edge

The Globe and Mail: Jan. 16-10

Since time immemorial, man has tried to reinvent the wheel.
In a manner of speaking, Steve Wilson did just that.
Wilson and his father, Murray, are the co-founders of Black Stone Sports®, a small Kingsville, Ont., company that manufacturers skate-sharpening equipment. Last year, they introduced a new sharpening technique, designed to increase speed without sacrificing grip, that is rocking the hockey world. READ ENTIRE STORY



Flat Bottom V® Skate Sharpening Dec. 12-09

The flat bottom v® sharpening method is the newest craze to hit the hockey world. The flat bottom v® was created and first introducted in early February 2009 by Blackstone sports in Kingsville, Ont. The unique skate sharpening method promises better gliding ability, and increased “bite” when turning, everything a hockey player could ask for. While many were skeptical (and many still are) when the new technique was introduced it did not take long for the flat bottom v® method to take off, all the way to the NHL. READ ENTIRE STORY



Cutting Edge

ESPN the Magazine: Nov. 30-09, By Doug McIntyre

When it comes to new equipment, hockey players can be slow to embrace it. But a new method for sharpening skates is sweeping through NHL dressing rooms. Like those Gretzky-backed heated blades from a few years ago which never caught on the new skate cut called the Flat Bottom V® theoretically allows skaters to glide farther and faster without compromising maneuverability. "The first time I tried it, I felt like I was on ball bearings," says Thrashers forward Todd White, a 12-year NHL vet.

A close look at an FBV® blade reveals a distinct difference from the old-school cut. Instead of a concave arc, the FBV® features two fangs with a flat area between them. The flat area is crucial because it creates more contact and less drag on the ice than an arc. The difference in contact area is less than one thousandth of an inch, but that's enough to send many pros clamoring for a fresh grind. Introduced late last season, players on 20 NHL teams already sport the new cut.

And while high prices may have helped doom Thermablades, most sharpening machines can be converted to cut the FBV® at nominal cost. "I definitely feel that this will become the standard," says Steve Wilson of Blackstone Sport, the Canadian company that invented the FBV®. NHL players don't change on a whim."




New Skate-Sharpening Method Suits Hockey to a V

New York Times: Nov. 2-09

The technological history of hockey is littered with elaborate ideas that did not pan out, like the Fox network's glowing puck, the heated skate blade and Cooperalls. But since last November, a simple innovation that costs next to nothing has become popular among N.H.L. professionals and weekend warriors alike: a skate-sharpening method called the flat-bottom V®. READ ENTIRE STORY



Flat Bottom V® Skate Sharpening

NHL Digest: Sept. 15-09

This new technology grabbed some spotlight with use by some NHL teams last season and now has 20 National Hockey League teams signed up to use the skate sharpening system for the 2009-2010 season. The guys at Blackstone® really knew they had something when several NHL players proclaimed that they had to have it and wouldn’t go back to regular sharpening! READ ENTIRE STORY



From the Den: Florida Panthers and Blackstone remain Cutting Edge

The Litter Box: Aug. 31-09

For the casual hockey fan, very little thought is typically given to their favorite player's equipment beyond the flashy colors of the uniform itself, perhaps the name on the stick, maybe the helmet and gloves. The skates? Until a certain #8 from Washington began wearing an unorthodox color of laces, probably not much attention was garnered down there. READ ENTIRE STORY



Blackstone® stays on cutting edge

The Windsor Star: Aug. 4-09

Professional hockey players and their beer-league counterparts no longer need to sacrifice speed for grip or vice versa when it comes to their skate sharpening options.

Using technology developed by Blackstone Sports®, a 10-year-old company based in Kingsville, players can now have the best of both worlds and it's quickly catching on with National Hockey League teams. READ ENTIRE STORY



Skaters looking for extra jump may have found it in a changed sharpening technique. Jul. 23-09

OTTAWA - An Ontario company has developed a new way to sharpen skates that will give the wearer as much as a five-per-cent boost in speed without sacrificing any control.

Called the "Flat Bottom V®," the technology allows for a skate to be sharpened with a squared-off hollow centre. The shape provides the optimal performance on the ice for skaters, according Kingsville's Blackstone Sports, the creators of the technology. READ ENTIRE STORY



The Forzani Group Ltd.: Hockey Experts Grand Opening

MarketWire: Jun. 23-09

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - Hockey Experts, a corporate banner of The Forzani Group Ltd. (TSX:FGL), the "Company", Canada's largest retailer of sporting goods is pleased to announce the grand opening of its first Calgary store. Hockey Experts is a premiere source for top quality hockey equipment and unmatched professional service from genuine hockey experts. The store is located in the Deerfoot Mall shopping complex. Grand Opening sales start Thursday, June 25th with special event promotions and Player appearances on Saturday, June 27th, 2009. READ ENTIRE STORY



Blackstone® Brings Flat Bottom V® Skate Sharpening to Machines Nationwide with Convertible Spinner System

Reuters: Jun. 17-09

New Skate Sharpening Machine Add-on Allows Owners to Convert Conventional Machines, Dress the Grinding Wheel with Revolutionary Flat Bottom V® KINGSVILLE, Ontario--(Business Wire)-- Blackstone Sports®, manufacturer of the first skate sharpening machine to directly enhance a skater`s performance on the ice, today unveiled its Convertible Spinner System - a skate sharpening machine add-on that will allow team dealers and equipment managers worldwide the ability to add Blackstone`s Flat Bottom V® (FBV®) technology to competing machines. READ ENTIRE STORY



A new way to sharpen skates? Jun. 17-09

Skate sharpening machine manufacturer Blackstone® is introducing a new way of sharpening skates called the Flat Bottom V®. The company says the new cut provides a flat bottom to the skate blade for more glide, but has more distinct edges for the bite needed for turning and stopping. READ ENTIRE STORY



Miracle of the Flat Bottom V®: New skate blade sharpening style winning raves, but it's still early


As you might expect, the St. Louis Blues' equipment manager doesn't generally get a lot of calls from the Canadian media. So when a writer from Hamilton calls asking to talk to him, he expresses a moment's surprise. READ ENTIRE STORY




Leamington Post

About ten years ago, Steve Wilson and his father Murray decided that it was time to be innovative when it came to skate sharpening.

After spending several years in the hardware business and sharpening thousands of pairs of skates, they wondered if there might be improvements that could be made to the machinery and set out to see what they could accomplish. READ ENTIRE STORY



On the cutting edge

The Chatham Daily News

The skate sharpening world has been turned upside down by an invention by a former Chatham father and son.

Murray and Steve Wilson, who now reside in Kingsville, have designed the first skate sharpening machine to directly enhance a skater's performance on the ice. READ ENTIRE STORY


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